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Each year at Exposure, our goal is to connect you with opportunities for you to better live, work, play, and thrive in the 901. We know that to better connect you and to better make a difference, we must work collectively!

So we invite you to engage with several organizations in our city focused on solving community issues, building brighter futures for our youth, driving our passions and inspiration through artistic movements, and helping us better connect with each other through social groups.


Community can be defined as "a group of people living in the same place" or "a feeling of fellowship of others as a result of common attitudes, interests, and goals". Memphis organizations do both by being:

Change makers, movers, and shakers ready to move Memphis forward to an even better tomorrow

Memphis Change Makers

Advocates and elevators who ensure we mold Memphis collectively and with the input of all Memphian voices

Community builders and enhancers, working to ensure our infrastructure matches our drive

Connectors, teachers, and believers who support the work we all do and share it with every Memphian

Advocates Elevating Memphian Perspectives
Memphis Community Builders
Memphis Connectors
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From performing arts to visual art, entertainers and the overall cultural vibe, Memphis organizations help you explore Memphis using all five senses! They help you to:

See Memphians

See the beauty of the Memphian perspective

Feel the beat, the moment, and the love for the City of Memphis

Feel love of Memphis
Hear Memphis music
Taste Memphis food
Smell Memphis grit and grind

Smell the the attitude, the grit, and the grind

Taste the flavors only found in Memphis

Hear the music, the passion, the song


It's no secret that Memphis is a city that gives back. We give our time, money, and goodwill to support the work in putting our best foot forward each day. Organizations that serve our community need YOUR help and support by:

Giving voice to the organizations doing some of our most challenging work

Memphian Voice

Pledging your time as a volunteer while meeting others eager to create a better future for Memphis

Finding new causes to support and help create lasting impact in Memphis

Pledge Voluteer Hours
Support Memphis Causes

Supporting Days of Caring: Month of Service brought to you by United Way

Days of Caring: Month of Service


Memphians are social. We love events, we love to get to know one another, and we love to celebrate together. Find your niche with:

Social and community event enthusiasts and planners

Memphis Clubs and Associations

Clubs, affinity groups, associations, and community groups

Tours, museums, and things to do all year-round for every member of the family

Memphis Events and Memphis Things to Do
Memphis Tours and Museums

Local attractions, exhibits, and experiences only found in Memphis

Memphis Attractions


Welcome to the great outdoors! Whether you best enjoy your fitness in a yoga studio or you're more of the fresh-air type, we've got you covered. Inhale, exhale, and embrace adventure as you:

Join local sports teams and clubs all created to keep you active

Memphis gyms and yoga studios

Find your gym buddies with local yoga studios, gyms, and fitness centers

Step into the cheering section for local leagues-no pom-poms required

Memphis sports teams
Memphis parks, recreation, and bike trails
Cheer Mephis sports leagues

Explore parks, recreation, trailsystems, and fun to be had outside


We think Memphians should #CelebrateYourCity not just on 901 Day, but every day of the year. We invite you to start the celebration in your city's Downtown core, where our heart starts and the fun doesn't end. See what's to celebrate with:

Organizations driving our riverfront renaissance, Downtown celebrational moments, and reimagined civic commons

Memphian Soul, Heart, and Dreams

Problem solvers and solution drivers who envision a Memphis skyline that matches our soul, heart, and dreams

Unique experiences and opportunities from South Main shopping to Pinch District dining to Edge District culture and history

Memphis Riverfront
Downtown Memphis
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